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, The Perfect Brew: Mugs, Gifts & More

I have tried different avenues of crafting over the years and let’s just say my attempts have been embarrassingly unsuccessful, so much so I would tell people it was a project done by one of the children but sshhh that’s our secret 🤫

We were being asked by our customers if we could source storage boxes with various labels and this set me on the path to using vinyl as we couldn’t find anything out there that we wanted. My first projects were labels for the children’s xbox controllers as I navigated my way through this new crafting field and to my surprise I found it incredibly therapeutic and so useful! As a mum and as a mum who has diagnosed OCD, labels are very exciting and makes life so much easier. If you were to visit my home you would see all storage has a label, these make chores that much easier for me and for the children, no more excuses saying they can’t find something, a very clever trick in the past so I’m not sure my newfound love of using vinyl is welcomed by everyone.

, The Perfect Brew: Mugs, Gifts & More

Vinyl is incredibly durable and there are lots of different types of vinyl for every project. We also offer vinyl for cars, I have created stickers including our ever popular gonks, the vinyl used will last for years.

Once I was comfortable enough to start exploring and expanding on my new craft I came up with new designs for more items including tealight holders, keyrings, bookmarks and decorations, these are very popular and I love making custom orders as I get some brilliant ideas from customers and it gives me the opportunity to get really creative. The feedback has always been amazing and now I can proudly own the makes as my own instead of giving the credit to my poor children 😉

If there is something you can’t find on our shops please pop us a message and we will always try and accommodate you. Crafting does wonders for my mental health and has been a very positive outlet and I welcome new ideas.

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