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Gonk crafting fun

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We know how much you all love our Gonks

In fact our family christmasses last year were pretty much funded by the gonk mania incited by Stacey Solomon.

So being mums ourselves and loving a good crafting session with our kids we thought we would put together some fab Gonk theme craft ideas for you all to try out and of course the knitting and crochet patterns can be completed in any colour and there are Gonks that are not christmassy in the colouring pages because we all know…..

A Gonk is not just for Christmas

Colouring Pages

 Knitting Pattern

This pattern for cute dangle leg Gonks was made by Creative Neats on Cool Denim Blog you can Download it here

, The Perfect Brew: Mugs, Gifts & More

Crochet Pattern

Here’s a cute no leg Gonk crochet pattern from Hooked on Patterns. You can follow for free here

Pom Pom hanging Gonks

For those not gifted with knitting or Crochet skills like me these are a sinple but cute as a button alternative and could easily be adapted for easter with adding bunny ears or halloween with change of colours.

These were created by Lia Griffith and the tutorial is available free Here

We hope you have fun creating some Gonks of your own and we would love if you sent us some photos of your creations or tag us on social media

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