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About 18 months ago we swapped rooms with my daughter and life got in the way of decorating. So since then we have had a Disney princess bedroom and bright pink glittery carpet (every couples dream in their 30s obviously). We did our best to make it less princessy by letting the kids make them have funny faces.

In the last few months, we finally got round to decorating and apart from the paint which I bought last year I had no idea what we were going to do.

So, I started looking on the internet for feature colours to go with grey. I have grey and teal in my living room, so I wanted something different and not pink as I am all pinked out. 

My husband’s opinion was he did not care and I should choose which is always a great thing for someone who cannot decide anything without overthinking it and changing her mind 43 times.

After much product searching, I decided on yellow. Not a colour I ever imagined I would choose but it stood out and was different so I went with it. We have white fitted wardrobes that we just needed to change the handles on I had found white ones in a local shop when it was having a closing down sale last year so I had those covered. I love a bargain and being from Yorkshire I’m tight.

Our bedside cabinets were just wood so decided to have a go at painting them, after confusing myself with furniture paint I opted for the one that said lazy on it as its suppose to be easy. So frenchic lazy whity white it was. 

I ordered this super bright blind and these gorgeous curtains and my husband sprayed a curtain pole we already had so it fits in with the room colours.  I was going to make my own headboard but couldn’t find the bits I needed locally and so managed to find one I liked online, I think this bedding set  goes well and a my hubbys weighted blanket even goes, the scatter cushions should finish the bed nicely. And because my old headboard was huge we’ve gained a foot of space at the end of the bed too which is a bonus.   

On my walls I wanted some thing other than just photos as my whole house is covered in them and so I wanted something different, I chose these shelves as I liked the shapes and the colours match and this print because it’s so different and I love the artist. A few frames that have words in so I can change them if I decide on something different , if you watch greys anatomy you may recognise the quotes, if you don’t watch greys anatomy why???? It’s the best!

I got some boxes to hide away some clutter and though they don’t match the room I have my mums ruby ware glass away from the kids so they don’t get damaged.  yes we still have a pink glittery carpet but I’m hoping I the next month or two that will change but all in all I don’t think we have done a bad job and we actually have a room for the first time in the 15 years of living together that is pretty and bright and not just a mishmash of whatever we have lying about.  Even my husband likes the colours which is a miracle in itself.

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