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The 24th August was our 1 year anniversary of becoming Theo Paphitis Small business award #SBS winners so we thought it was about time we shared our amazing Twitter journey and our awards earnt over the past 12 months.

Our entry into Small Business Sunday was put in after about 2 weeks of being on Twitter and so we never thought we would be in with a chance of winning as there are so many amazing small businesses applying. 

I remember finding out, I was happily looking for new stock for Thursday and my phone kept beeping at me, I saw a “Congratulations @ThePerfect….” I saw a few more of those and threw my phone at my eldest daughter, she was sat on my bed working and watching telly.

I had a look and confirmed we had in fact won!!

, The Perfect Brew: Mugs, Gifts & More

I started crying and telling everyone we knew! Little did we know that would be just the start of our award winning. 

Before long we went on to win #TwitterSisters which is an award forparticipation in a great networking and friendly hour on Twitter, it was the first hour we had taken part in and made me fall in love with Twitter. The ladies are all fantastic, very welcoming, supportive and forever lifting women up and praising all the ups and commiserating the lows of being a woman in small business.

We then went on to win another amazing Twitter award called the #SmartSocial award which is awarded to small businesses who thrive using social media and as we met, started and grew our business on social media we won! Another very supportive account, they are great at retweeting helping to get our business out there.

Next it was the #ICTweetAwards this award was set up by a brilliant and lovely account and she wanted to reward those people who go above and beyond, those people who do so much for others and deserve a little thank you. We nominated the fabulous @lawnmasternotts for his advice, he has always been there to guide us and give us advice from very early on and continues to do so and we felt he deserved a little thank you and he won!

We won the Super Supporter Award ourselves which was totally unexpected. The founder of the award said “It was so well deserved, your support to others was incredible in the #ICTweetAwards. You’re a fantastic and hugely valued member of the Twitter community. So pleased to have people like you making this such a lovely place to be!” 

We have also worked with the lovely Sam of In Collaboration over on Instagram setting up and running small business engagement chats together to boost small businesses on there too.

Following this we went on to win the prestigious #QueenOf award! This was another hold the phone moment and was a bit shocked but over the moon to win. This awarded us the title Queen Of Bold Home Decor and means we are a part of a fantastic, exclusive community with lots of support and a feeling of family, we are very honoured to have been chosen. 

You may think that is enough but no, we have also won the #WomanInBizHour Award, a brilliant hour on Twitter again that lifts women in business up, supports them, an amazing community of like minded women who are always there for each other with words of encouragement and lots of laughter. 

Finally, we were blown away to discover we had been chosen to win the very prestigious #WOW Award, founded by a woman we have all followed and admired for years, Jacqueline Gold CBE. This award celebrates and supports female entrepreneurs and to be chosen out of the many fabulous women in small business we are just completely honoured. 

These awards all hold a special place for us, they are proof of our love and determination to grow the best small business we can, offer support to those who need it and encourage and commiserate, celebrate and share all the highs and wins of our fellow small business owners.

Thankyou to everyone who has supported us in our 18 months on Twitter you are all awesome!!

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