TPTOH does #SBSEvent2022

Almost 18 months after winning the SBS award from Theo Paphitis (Entrepeneur and ex Dragon’s Den star) we finally got to attend our first SBS event and what an event it was! If you aren’t sure what SBS is or how we won the award check out our previous blog post ‘The Perfect Touch onContinue reading “TPTOH does #SBSEvent2022”

A Crafty Business

I have tried different avenues of crafting over the years and let’s just say my attempts have been embarrassingly unsuccessful, so much so I would tell people it was a project done by one of the children but sshhh that’s our secret 🤫 We were being asked by our customers if we could source storageContinue reading “A Crafty Business”

Gonk crafting fun

We know how much you all love our Gonks.  In fact our family christmasses last year were pretty much funded by the gonk mania incited by Stacey Solomon. So being mums ourselves and loving a good crafting session with our kids we thought we would put together some fab Gonk theme craft ideas for you allContinue reading “Gonk crafting fun”

The Perfect Touch on Twitter

The 24th August was our 1 year anniversary of becoming Theo Paphitis Small business award #SBS winners so we thought it was about time we shared our amazing Twitter journey and our awards earnt over the past 12 months. Our entry into Small Business Sunday was put in after about 2 weeks of being onContinue reading “The Perfect Touch on Twitter”

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